25qt Calavera Cooler

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Miles of smiles lie ahead with the '25qt Calavera Cooler'.

This rotomolded cooler is virtually indestructible with legendary toughness and unmatched insulation power, meaning you can use it anywhere, from tailgating parties to fishing excursions. An impact- and puncture-resistant single-piece tire and a welded aluminum arm with comfortable grips make transporting this cooler both simple and safe.

If you are looking for a high-performance cooler, here's one that offers unparalleled insulation power, ruggedness, and convenience all rolled into one. Whatever your needs, the '25 Qt Calavera Cooler' delivers unsurpassed strength and insulation. And while robust insulation keeps your drinks cold for longer, a solid tire construction makes it rugged enough to bear the weight of your favorite beverages.

With the high-performance foam, you can keep ice for up to five times longer than with a standard cooler. Plus, it is equipped with a high-performance insulation system that keeps drinks and food fresh for days at a time.

Feel free to enjoy all the ice-cold refreshments you like without ever having to worry about them getting warm.

  • Rotomolded Construction- Its sturdy construction makes it highly armored, durable, and almost indestructible. Its robust, rugged, and remarkable insulation power make it go the extra mile.
  • Solid Arm Handle- With comfortable grips, the arm is made from durable welded aluminum. With a curved design, it easily tracks left or right, towing your wheels efficiently.
  • No Flat Tires- A robust, impact, and puncture-resistant single-piece construction that's built to last.
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